About The Academy

The Maroun Chedid's Academy is a contemporary 700 m² space located in Tabet Palace, in the heart of Achrafieh.

It offers cooking classes to suit today's tastes, opening to other types of cooking, adapting to different levels in a modern and user-friendly space with efficient and easy-to-use equipment.
It is a unique opportunity to fine tune your cooking skills, develop your career and set yourself on the road to success and promotion.It is open to all cooking lovers and lets them get to know, try and understand where the delicious food served to them comes from.

Thought as a living space, each room has been designed to make everyone feel at home. The school mixes elegant and warm common areas with kitchens of concentrated efficiency and user-friendliness. It includes 4 workshops kitchens, meeting room, shop, all built around a patio offering unparalleled brightness.

The Chef

Maroun Chedid’s cuisine recognizes the authenticity of Lebanese food and its traditions and enriches it with spices and surprising combinations that are demanded by today’s modern palate. To this end, his cuisine has always been around the idea of respecting the product, its texture and flavor. He is a firm believer that tradition can evolve, but the fundamentals stay the same.

An ever-curious gourmet chef, Maroun is invested in exploring the world for inspiration to develop a scientific approach to his culinary expertise.

Amateurs and Foodies Courses



Professional Courses

The Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy teaches new and budding chefs as well as professionals all the techniques and methods needed to be able to work in the hospitality industry. Our professional classes are designed to provide you with the necessary support and basics required, to reach the industry’s highest standards while shaping your own culinary identity.  Learn More
  • The Ultimate Bartending & Mixology Course

    The Ultimate Bartending & Mixology Course

    Oct 01 - Dec 03
    Mixology Training
    Double Shake

    In these 10 courses, you will be taught the concepts of mixology and the fundamental techniques behind cocktail making. You will learn how to make homemade syrups, combine spices, fruits and herbs with the different spirits .You will also learn about the different types of cocktails (classics, aperitifs, digestives, sweet & sour).You will master the art of mixology and be able to make a selection of signature cocktails.


  • Lebanese Cuisine Culinary Arts & Techniques

    Lebanese Cuisine Culinary Arts & Techniques

    Sep 03 - Nov 02

    The only cooking academy in Lebanon that offers Lebanese cuisine cooking classes taught by professional Chefs. Our curriculum is designed & tailored for Lebanese cuisine gastronomy education and caters to chefs, professionals, amateurs & food enthusiasts. You will learn all that is to know in Lebanese Cuisine: from Mezze, to vegetarian dishes, cooking with meat, fish and chicken as well as savory pastries and oriental desserts. There are no prerequisites for this class, basic knowledge You do not need any previous experience to take this class, basic knowledge in the kitchen and cooking is a must.

  • Intermediate Culinary Arts

    Intermediate Culinary Arts

    Sep 03 - Oct 19

    Expand your culinary knowledge with this course and perfect your expertise in cooking techniques. Building on your basic skills, this class is a follow-up to the Basic Culinary Art Classes. You will learn about the principles of cooking and its various applications and techniques in potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, meat, fish and chicken.

    The Basic Culinary Art Classes are a prerequisite for these classes, or a 2 year minimum experience is a must.


Bring the party to our kitchen!

Treat your guests to a private cooking class with Maroun Chedid, designed just for you. Perfect for an out-of-the-box party, birthday (adults and children), corporate or social event, the academy is the ideal place for an original get-together.
Book the Academy for an amazing culinary experience that you and your guests will never forget.

The perfect gift!

Choose your budget and class and let your recipient enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience with Maroun Chedid. Contact us for more details.

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Head Office: Lebanon Street, Saifi, Ashrafieh, Street 61, Beirut, Lebanon

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